Motorbike Riding Tips For Beginners

There is nothing more exhilarating than the first time you ride on your new wheels. Especially after you have saved every nickel, you had to buy your dream sports bike. The performance is off the roof, the fuel consumption is amazingly well, and all you can see are the days you are going to spend riding it around town. Suddenly you have a reason to wake up in the morning and just get out of the house for a walk. However, what you might not know is how prone to accidents sports bikes are. In the wrong hands, they can cause a lot of destruction and even death. Therefore, since you are at your beginning stage, you need to take a few notes to help you stay alive long enough to reach your destination.

Learn To Turn

When it comes to sports bikes, maneuvering is entirely different from the regular turning that cars go through. There is a whole set of variable that comes into play. First, there is the speed you are cruising at. Second, there is the issue of weight displacement and angle of turn. As you turn with a bike, you will soon realize, the weight of the motorcycle shifts about turn. As you take a left turn, you need to lean towards the left. As you lean, you need to ensure that you don’t bend too much as you might end up skidding. Therefore, you need to learn how to turn and practice it or just make turns slowly until you have fully mastered how to do it.

Never Break On Turns

When it comes to taking turns, you need to learn how to calculate the distances and possible angles of lean before you get to the turn if you wrongly calculate you might end up needing to brake during a turn which is highly dangerous. If you cannot handle split second calculation or sharp bends, you need to learn to slow down as you get to them. Lastly, no matter the situation, you need to ensure you do not apply full brakes during a turn as this will surely mean you crash. It is advisable that you reduce the speed as fast as you can while trying to maintain control.

Road Condition

The next thing you need to learn about riding is about the kind of condition the road is in. The best drivers know their entire environment. There are times when the road is slippery and sometimes when it all ok. When it has recently rained or snowed, you need to be a bit more careful as the roads at times are usually more slippery and as such control is much harder.



Safety Gear

Lastly, as a beginner you need to invest a lot in your safety. This is to mean that you buy all the necessary safety gear for your sport bike.  You should buy a helmet and more protective joint gear for more protection. Remember that it does not matter how you look in that gear, as long as you get home safe.

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