My Life As A Rider

I got my first sports bike at the age of 24. I was fresh off college after completing my course in information technology. I had always seen those cool IT guys that went to work on two wheels. It had long since my dream to be one of those. So I saved from my freshman year and as soon as l was off to the world, I bought myself one cute bike to wreck the streets with. I was determined to make the world know that I was around.

25 years later am still a sports bike fun at heart. Am not as strong as I used to be, or even as spontaneous, but I am strong in mind with the experience that sports bikes have taught over the years. As much fun as these years have been, you can note that am still alive despite being motorcycle guy. It’s not all luck, over the years I have learned quite a few thing that I would love to share with you about these bad boys.


Ride Smarter

One important thing that I have learned and that you will soon learn yourself is that a sports bike has a way of feeding into your emotions. Are you feeling confident? Then this bad boy will double that. Are you mad and just want to tear down the streets? This bad boy will give you all that. However, you should be careful not to ride with your emotions. Motorcycles are more prone to accidents than cars. As such, riding with your emotions all over the place is no good for anyone. Be smart.

Be Efficient

Handling a sports bike can become quite tedious if you ride for long hours. However, this is only the case if you are not doing it right. The first machine is configured to carry its weight. All you need to do is earn how to be efficient in handling it. You need to learn to listen to the bike. Feel the traction and the movement of the wheels. If you perfectly sync with your bike, then you become a supervisor and give commands in comfort.

Change With Tide

For all you old geezers out there, you can relate when I say that age has a way of taking what we love the most. Along the road of age, I have realized that the decline in strength and stamina needs to be accompanied by a change in behavior and practices. For instance, these days I need to exercise and get those juices pumping before l can get on my bike and ride with no worries.

Exercise Often

Lastly, if you are not beyond the fifty-year threshold, then you are lucky. Although, you are not entirely exempted from the need to stay fit. You need to exercise regularly to ensure that you remain in shape and maintain your dexterity. The more fit you are, the easier it is to make quick changes in the bikes movement. You need to have your muscle working fine if you are to sync with your bikes muscles as well.

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